The YKK Group strives to grow in tandem with local communities and coexist with the natural world.

Contributing to Local Communities through Business Activities

The YKK Group supports local development through business activities tailored to the characteristics of each region and, as a member of those communities, contributes to solving local problems.

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Information on the main undertakings in each region are set forth in This is YKK (Integrated Report).

This is YKK (Integrated Report)

Social Contribution Initiatives

YKK Group Tree Planting Day

Information on YKK Group Tree Planting Day can be found on this page.

Positive contributions to the environment and society

Stakeholder Dialogues (in Japan)

The YKK Group has hosted Stakeholder Dialogues annually since 2010 to provide a forum for the exchange of opinions. Details of each dialogue are indicated below.

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YKK Center Park

As a corporate citizen and member of the community of Kurobe City in Toyama Prefecture, the YKK Group wanted to shares its dreams and move forward with the community, so we created the YKK Center Park on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Group's foundation.
The park is a site where people can gather in wide open green spaces, learn from nature, and enjoy themselves while getting to know YKK.

Official Website of the YKK Center Park

Other activities in Japan

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