The YKK Group places the YKK Philosophy of the "Cycle of Goodness," at the core of all its business activities.
As an important member of society, a company survives through coexistence. When the benefits are shared, the value of the company's existence will be recognized by society. YKK founder Tadao Yoshida made this point the major focus in the pursuit of his business, and sought a path that would lead to the mutual prosperity of all the members of society. His thinking was that companies should, in the course of their business, strive to develop the business with inventions, creativity and ingenuity and by constantly creating new value, thereby contributing to society by helping customers and business partners to prosper.

YKK Group acts in a responsible manner toward society in order to conduct business activities in accordance with this philosophy.
We have standardized this in the YKK Group Code of Conduct, which consists of 29 articles grouped into seven basic principles. These seven principles set out guidelines for action that YKK Group employees in all countries and regions are expected to follow with a common awareness. The Code of Conduct includes clear stipulations against discrimination and the violation of human rights for any reason whatsoever. This Policy complements the "Respect for Human Rights" principle set forth in the YKK Group Code of Conduct.


The YKK Group applies this Policy to all YKK Group officers and employees. When the human rights of persons involved in the business, products, or services of the YKK Group, its business partners including suppliers and their business partners, are adversely (negatively) impacted, and when this negative impact is directly related to the YKK Group business, products, or services, we will undertake to encourage those concerned to respect human rights, avoid human rights violations, and address any negative impacts on human rights.

Commitment to Human Rights

The YKK Group supports and respects international standards relating to human rights, including the International Bill of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work as based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. In all its corporate activities, the YKK Group fulfills its responsibilities in respecting the human rights of all people impacted by its business activities.
In countries and regions where international human rights are not properly protected by local laws and regulations, YKK will seek ways to maximize respect for international human rights principles.
See the appendix here for more information on the human rights issues that we believe are significant.

Organization and Governance

Under the YKK Group Management Principle that states we "seek corporate value of higher significance," we place consistent fairness at the center of all our management activities. In accordance with this thinking, we work to implement comprehensive corporate governance systems with the goal of further enhancing our corporate value.
The YKK Sustainability Committee is chaired by the YKK President and is positioned directly under the YKK Management Strategy Council/Board of Directors. It formulates policy for sustainability issues including human rights, disseminates this Policy to involved departments and Group companies in Japan and overseas, and undertakes cross-sectional activities across departments.

Human Rights Due Diligence

Based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the YKK Group conducts due diligence with respect to human rights. Through this framework, we identify negative human rights impacts and work to prevent or mitigate them.

Human Rights Education

In order to instill this Policy in all corporate activities and ensure its effective implementation, the YKK Group provides appropriate education and training to its officers and employees and encouragement to its business partners and other related parties.

Corrections and Remedies

If it becomes apparent that a YKK Group business, product or service has caused or contributed to a negative impact on the human rights of anyone affected by that business, product or service, the YKK Group will deal with the concerned persons in good faith and work to correct the corporate activities that were the cause of the issue. Furthermore, if it becomes clear that there is a direct relation between a YKK Group business, product or service and a negative impact on human rights, or if such a relation is suspected, we will strive to remedy the situation by communicating with the related party. We will work to build systems by which we can receive the concerns and complaints of stakeholders and strive to solve problems or implement remedies. These systems will include internal and external communication channels by which people who have, or may have, suffered negative impacts to their human rights can communicate with our company.

YKK Group Business Partner Contact
– Human rights complaints contact –

For inquiries from business partners regarding human rights violations by YKK Group executives and employees, please click here.

Ensuring Transparency/Communication

The YKK Group periodically assesses the progress of its human rights initiatives and works to enact ongoing improvements. At the same time, the Group communicates this progress through websites, reports, and other communication channels.
With respect to human rights affected by its business activities, the YKK Group will continue to develop a series of initiatives under this Policy to respond appropriately to changes in the business and environment, so as to enable it to understand, address, and improve its activities from the point of view of those impacted.

Maintaining Initiatives for Respecting Human Rights

In order to maintain and strengthen our initiatives directed at respecting human rights into the future, we will respond to human rights issues appropriately in accordance with changes in the business and environment, and review our policies as needed.