The YKK Group has created a foundation for fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities and is engaged in activities with the aim of enhancing its corporate value.

Basic Policy

YKK undertakes risk management in accordance with the following policy.

YKK Group Risk Management Policy

To promote risk management Group-wide and enhance corporate value by proactively controlling risk levels, preventing various corporate risks, and reducing or avoiding human, material and other losses of managerial resources, as well as keeping to a minimum the damages and losses incurred during emergencies.

Risk Management Structure

YKK appointed a Chief Risk Management Officer (CRO), established a Quality Committee, Foreign Trade Control Committee, Crisis Management Committee, Technical Asset Management Committee and Information Security Committee, and adopts and enforces regulations on risk management.

Business Continuity Plans

YKK has formulated Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) for each company to address anticipated risk that may cause large-scale damage, and works to create structures to minimize the impacts on management resources and continue business. The formulation of BCPs is conducted in accordance with the following basic policy.

YKK Group Basic Policy of Business Continuity Plans
  1. 1The highest priority is placed on protecting the lives and safety of employees and all stakeholders.
  2. 2Efforts are to be made to recover from disasters and prevent secondary damage.
  3. 3Contribute to recovery in disaster-affected areas with an awareness of the Group's social responsibilities.
  4. 4Make all possible efforts to continue the supply of products in response to the needs of customers and Business Partners.

Information security

YKK fundamental approach regarding confidential and personal information in its possession is to prevent declines in competitiveness and disputes arising from leaks of information, maintain sustainable growth as a business, and fulfill our social responsibilities. To do this, we establish information management rules, carry our proper operational management, make continuous improvements, and strive to maintain and enhance information security.

Protection of intellectual property

YKK undertakes intellectual property activities as a part of its business operations.
Optimal intellectual property protection measures are carried out by the Intellectual Property Division to protect the inventions created at development sites in Japan and around the world.
By doing this, we seek to create environments where customer can use our products with confidence at all times. We also adopt a determined attitude toward those who infringe on YKK intellectual property rights while giving maximum respect to the rights of other companies.