All YKK Group business activities are based on the "Cycle of Goodness," which is the YKK Philosophy, and the MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLE:
"YKK seeks corporate value of higher significance."


No one prospers without rendering benefit to others.

As an important member of society, a company survives through coexistence. When the benefits are shared, the value of the company's existence will be recognized by society.
When pursuing his business, YKK's founder, Tadao Yoshida, was most concerned with that aspect, and would find a path leading to mutual prosperity.
He believed that using ingenuity and inventiveness in business activities and constantly creating new value would lead to the prosperity of clients and business partners and make it possible to contribute to society.
This type of thinking is referred to as the "Cycle of Goodness," and has always served as the foundation of our business activities.
We have inherited this way of thinking, and have established it as the YKK Philosophy.


"YKK seeks corporate value of higher significance."

Seeking corporate value of higher significance, YKK will pursue innovative quality in the seven key areas shown above.

YKK Group companies seek to delight our customers, earn the high regard of society and make our employees happy and proud.
We are improving the quality of our products, technology, and management as the means to achieve this.
We make fairness the fundamental standard for all YKK Group business operations, and this is the basis for our management decisions.


  • Do not fear failure; experience builds success.
    / Create opportunities for employees.
  • Insist on quality in everything.
  • Build trust, transparency and respect.
Permeation of the Management Principle and Core Values

The YKK Philosophy has long served as the foundation for business activities and has supported the Group's expansion. In 1994, developing the Philosophy in keeping with the times, we launched the Management Principle, "YKK seeks corporate value of higher significance." Since then, we have been promoting the MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLEs and Philosophy throughout our organization so that each employee understands and inherits them in order to ensure their succession down the generations. We have also been expanding our promotion activities in our overseas companies and have further solidified the position of the Management Principles throughout the Group.