Privacy Policy

1. Handling of Personal Information
In order to protect personal information, YKK Group companies (please refer to the following links for YKK Group companies), in addition to complying with the laws, guidelines, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "statutes") on protection of personal information applied in each country, will strive to properly manage and protect personal information by developing various regulations regarding the handling of personal information as follows (hereinafter referred to as "this policy") and making each YKK Group company thoroughly aware of them. In addition, some of the handling of personal information at YKK Group companies, such as Web Privacy Policy, may be extracted and published separately.
* Group companies in Japan: https://www.ykk.com/english/corporate/group/companylist.html
* Overseas group companies related to Fastening: https://www.ykk.com/english/corporate/g_establishment/fastening.html
* Overseas group companies related to YKK AP: https://www.ykk.com/english/corporate/g_establishment/ap.html
* Other overseas group companies: https://www.ykk.com/english/corporate/g_establishment/others.html
2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information
YKK Group companies use personal information they obtain for the following purposes. In addition, whenever we acquire personal information for a purpose not described below, we shall clearly indicate the purpose each time it is acquired.
If personal information is used beyond the scope of the purpose specified in advance, the new purpose shall be notified to the person concerned and the consent of the person concerned shall be obtained, except in cases that fall under exceptions specified by laws and regulations.
(1) Personal information of customers (The term refers not only to those to whom we have already provided products or services, but also all to whom we have the potential to provide products or services.)
1) To provide information on the products and services of YKK Group companies and on new products and services of YKK Group companies;
2) To provide after-sales information and services related to the products and services of YKK Group companies;
3) For research and analysis related to product development and service improvement, such as usage status and satisfaction surveys of products and services of YKK Group companies;
4) For delivery and construction of products and services of YKK Group companies;
5) To contact regarding YKK Group companies' events, campaigns, lectures, etc.;
6) To contact regarding YKK Group companies' contests;
7) To respond to various inquiries from customers;
8) For fulfillment of various contracts with customers;
9) In order to communicate with customers about business negotiations and meetings;
10) To manage the entrance and exit of YKK Group facilities.
(2) Personal Information of Shareholders
1) For the exercise of rights and performance of obligations under the Companies Act, etc.;
2) To implement various Shareholders measures in the relationship between Shareholders and the company;
3) For information management of Shareholders based on various laws and regulations;
4) To manage the entrance and exit of YKK Group facilities;
5) To provide information on products and services of YKK Group companies and on new products and services of YKK Group companies.
(3) Personal information of business partners (including suppliers, subcontractors, joint research and development associates, and persons who have exchanged business cards or interviewed with YKK Group employees)
1) In order to make various business contacts with business partners;
2) For fulfillment of various contracts with suppliers;
3) To contact our business partners for business negotiations and meetings;
4) In order to provide the necessary information to collaborate with business partners on joint research and development of products and technologies;
5) To manage the entrance and exit of YKK Group facilities;
6) To provide information on products and services of YKK Group companies and on new products and services of YKK Group companies.
(4) Personal information about hiring applicants (This includes applicants who have not applied for jobs and interns)
1) To provide employment information for YKK Group companies;
2) For the purpose of communicating the candidacy and selection of applicants;
3) To manage the entrance and exit of YKK Group facilities;
4) The same purposes as listed below in (5): Personal information concerning employees (Only when an applicant for employment is hired and becomes an employee.)
(5) Personal information concerning employees
1) For personnel and labor management;
2) For compensation, salary, bonus, etc.;
3) For social insurance, tax, etc.;
4) To provide information to labor unions, the health insurance union, enterprise pension fund, related companies, third-party companies, etc.;
5) For procedures at the time of retirement;
6) For emergency communications and provisions;
7) For reporting to government agencies;
8) Notification, reporting, and communication with customers and business partners;
9) To manage the entrance and exit of YKK Group facilities;
10) For other procedures and communication necessary for business.
3. Acquisition Sources of Personal Information
For the above purposes, each YKK Group company collects personal information from the following sources.
Acquisition directly or indirectly from the principal (Example: Personal information on application forms, etc.);
Public information (information on the Internet);
Social media (Examples: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook);
Data provided by a third party;
4. Legal Basis for Processing Personal Data
The legal basis for the handling of personal data at each YKK Group company is as follows.
Where the person has given his/her consent to the handling of his/her personal data for one or more specific purposes;
*If applicable laws or regulations give the individual the authority to revoke the consent, the individual may revoke the consent.
Cases where the handling of personal information is necessary in order to fulfill a contract in which the person is the contracting party, or if the handling is required to take measures at the request of the person prior to the conclusion of the contract;
Cases where handling is required in order to comply with the legal obligations of each YKK Group company;
Cases where handling is necessary to protect the interests in the life of the individual or other natural person;
When handling is necessary for the performance of duties performed in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority granted to each YKK Group company;
Cases where handling is necessary for the purpose of legitimate benefits sought by YKK Group companies or by a third party. However, this does not apply if the benefits and the basic rights and freedoms of the subject seeking protection of personal data take precedence over the YKK Group companies' interests, especially if the subject is a child.
5. The Type of Personal Information Acquired
The personal information acquired by YKK Group companies includes, but is not limited to, the following items related to customers, shareholders, suppliers, job applicants, employees, etc.
Personal attribute information
Product purchase history
History of service provided
Financial information
Employee information

Our Company may acquire sensitive information. Examples of such information include information necessary for special consideration when requested by customers and information about employees necessary to fulfill the company's obligations under labor laws and labor contracts. In such cases, unless authorized by law, sensitive information will be acquired upon obtaining the consent of the person concerned.

6. Sharing Personal Data among YKK Group Companies
YKK Group companies (the scope is as described in 1 above. Refer to "Handling of Personal Information.") use the following personal data from data acquired together with other YKK Group companies to achieve the goals described in 2. "Purpose of Use of Personal Information" above. In this case, YKK Corporation assumes full responsibility for the management of the personal data.

Shared personal data include:
Name, affiliation (company name, department name, etc.), position, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, and consultation details.

7. Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties
YKK Group companies do not provide acquired personal data to third parties, except in the following cases.
(1) Where the person has given consent to the provision to a third party;
(2) Cases of joint use based on laws and regulations;
(3) When the YKK Group outsources the work to a third party within the scope of the purpose of use and personal data is provided accordingly. (In this case, each YKK Group company concludes a contract with the contractor for the safe management of personal data, and performs necessary and appropriate supervision);
(4) Other cases based on laws and regulations.

YKK Group companies will not provide personal data to third parties based on opt-out.

8. About Managing Personal Data
Each YKK Group company has established an operation system for personal data through various regulations on personal information protection and employee education. Personal data handled by each YKK Group company is appropriately and strictly managed in an accurate, up-to-date state in accordance with YKK Group safety management measures. Measures are taken to prevent leakage, loss, tampering, etc., as well as to prepare for any possible leakage.
9. Cross-border Data Transfer
Each YKK Group company may transfer personal data to the Group's overseas bases, or to other foreign countries. Personal data to be transferred includes data on customers, business partners, and employees in our Group. YKK Group companies will legally transfer this data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
10. Retention Period for Personal Data
Each YKK Group company will strive to erase personal data without delay when it is no longer needed.
11. Notification, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, erasure, and suspension of provision to third parties of retained personal data
If you wish to request disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, erasure, suspension of third-party provision, exercise of any claim or other right specified by other laws or regulations, or notification of the purpose of use (hereinafter referred to as "Claims, etc.") with respect to the contents of the retained personal data held by each YKK Group company, please contact the Group regarding personal information protection (https://www.ykk.com/app/s_inquiry/form?lang=en) or contact the YKK Group companies listed after this policy. A reasonable fee may be applied within the limit permitted by applicable law.
* PRIVACY STATEMENT – Notice for California Residents
12. About Cookies
Some YKK Group companies use cookies on their websites. Some of this information is automatically collected each time you visit the website (like cookies and beacons.) A cookie is a small, non-executable file on your hard drive that identifies your computer. Depending on your browser's Internet security settings, you may be able to use your website in a way that prevents cookies from being received, but this may significantly reduce your online convenience. Both session cookies and permanent cookies are used on the websites of YKK Group companies.
The session cookie setting starts as soon as you access the website, and is canceled when you close the website. These cookies enable the YKK Group companies to track the sections of the website that you access, which allows the YKK Group companies to track user preferences and use them to make improvements.
Permanent cookies remain on your hard drive unless you remove them through your browser's Internet security settings. Permanent cookies are used to store user preferences such as language usage, eliminating the need to re-configure each website visit. Cookies made by YKK Group companies are not linked to personally identifiable information.
13. About Access History
Information on access to the websites of YKK Group companies is accumulated as access history. As a general rule, this data is used for statistics and analysis of the usage of the websites of YKK Group companies. Please also note that we may disclose the history of these events upon request from administrative agencies and other organizations that have gone through proper legal procedures.
14. About Continuous Improvement
In order to properly manage and protect personal information, each YKK Group company periodically reviews the operation of handling personal information, changes this policy as necessary, and strives for continuous improvement. Changes to these guidelines will be appropriately communicated.
15. About Japanese Characters and Anonymization
In order to safely manage personal data, YKK Group companies may delete personal names or replace them with pseudonyms to anonymize them when personal names are not necessary for specific processing. However, each YKK Group company will not evade or be relieved of legal obligations for personal data by changing the name to Japanese characters or anonymization unless the data concerned is processed into information that is not personal data (for example, statistical data). In particular, YKK Group companies subject to Japanese law do not create or handle anonymously processed information.
16. Other
Depending on the content of the event, some websites of YKK Group companies offer service content such as chats, forums (conference room), bulletin boards, news groups and e-mail exchanges. When using services in this way, please provide information at your own risk and discretion.

Established on April 1, 2005;
Revised on February 1, 2021

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