Since the establishment of the YKK Group, Quality Management has been the central focus of all our business activities.

YKK Group Quality Charter

The YKK Group provides products in response to societal and market demands with particular attention paid to quality based on an integrated production philosophy. We adopted the YKK Group Quality Charter to make clear our stance of continuing to value this concept even as the times change.

YKK Group Quality Charter

Since the establishment of YKK Group, "Quality Management" has been the central focus of all our business activities.
YKK Group highly values the trust our customers have placed in our business, and pledges to continue providing products and services with the highest commitment to quality.

We Value our Customers' Trust

YKK Group offers products and services that fully satisfy our customers' needs and those of society at large. We have attained this high level of satisfaction by closely collaborating with our business partners, and by paying sincere and responsive attention to them, their markets, and society in relation to all aspects of products, sales and service.

Our Commitment to Quality Craftsmanship

Our customers' point of view is paramount in our pursuit of quality craftsmanship, and this pursuit permits us to attain a global standard of quality based on a philosophy of integrated production.

December 2007

The YKK Group's Integrated Production Philosophy

The YKK Group implements an integrated production system for in-house development and production encompassing everything from materials to manufacturing equipment and products. The YKK Group has achieved our characteristic worldwide standardized quality through processes for the stable worldwide supply of high quality products. This involves elemental technology, such as development of various materials and processes; recycling technology suited to the environment; and even constructing logistics, sales, and manufacturing systems.

Worldwide Standardized Quality

Fastening product quality assurance system (YKK)

Zipper strength tests

As zipper production sites expand to various regions throughout the world in conjunction with globalization, continuously ensuring reliable quality is a crucial issue.
YKK established global quality standards, conducts various quality inspections to maintain and ensure uniform quality levels at all Group production sites, and periodically reports the results to the headquarters in Japan.

Establishment of Product Safety Basic Policy (YKK AP)

YKK AP established a Quality Committee and adopted as its basic policy "contributing to raising the YKK AP brand value by continuously providing high-quality products while taking active measures from customers' perspectives including quality, product safety, and product liability (PL) so that it can provide building materials and services by valuing the trust of customers maintaining a commitment to quality in accordance with the YKK Group Quality Charter." Under this policy, we undertake various measures including providing support to each business group, training and educating employees, and implementing YKK Group policies at YKK AP. We also pursue the underlying safety of products and share relevant information.