The YKK Group strives to create work environments where everyone finds it easy to work.

Personnel Principle

The YKK Group pursues arrangements and creates environments to give each and every employee a role commensurate with his or her abilities and motivation, in which he or she can display his or her talents to the full, irrespective of age, gender, educational background or nationality. This is done in accordance with our Personnel Principle of independence and coexistence.

Personnel Principle

Independence and coexistence: Each individual establishes their own independence through actions undertaken with responsibility while sharing the MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLE toward achieving corporate objectives and leading to positive company results.

Human Resource Development

The YKK Group establishes and operates personnel systems tailored to each overseas company. We also work to enhance measures that support improvement of employee abilities and career development.

Relaying Skills and Technologies (Equipment Development/Machine Manufacturing function)

Teaching at the Gino Dojo

The YKK Group has an integrated production system for in-house development and production, encompassing everything from materials to manufacturing equipment and products. Automation is being pursued in the manufacturing of machine components and in mold machining, and we are also looking to boost our technical prowess in robotics. It is important, however, to nurture engineers and technicians who can understand and put into practice the underlying principles of processing and assembly. The Machinery & Engineering Group established its Gino Dojo (processing and assembly skills training center) in FY2009 to nurture fundamental knowledge and skills for processing and assembly, and is tackling monozukuri training. This center provides individual training by highly experienced and skilled instructors, mainly for new employees and young engineers and technicians. We continue to pass on the rich store of skills that have accumulated since our foundation.