The YKK Group strives to create work environments where everyone finds it easy to work.

Health Initiatives

Health Declaration

YKK and YKK AP regard the health of their employees as a management issue. A Health Declaration was established so as to convey more clearly to people both inside and outside YKK and YKK AP the initiatives being taken for the management of employees' health in connection with the ability of employees to exercise their responsibilities. Greater efforts are being made to foster health.

Health Declaration

YKK Corporation aspires to become a company where all employees are able to work with pride and pleasure.
We believe that a prerequisite for achieving this goal is for all our employees and their family members to maintain and improve their mental and physical health, which will enable every employee to demonstrate their unique qualities and capabilities to the maximum and to propel our company's growth and contribute to society.
Based on this concept, our company, Health Insurance Society, employees and their families are united in their endeavors for health promotion.

March 2018
Hiroaki Otani
President, YKK Corporation

Fundamental Health Promotion Policy and Action Targets

Fundamental Health Promotion Policy
The YKK Group sees the health of its employees are an important company asset, and we work with employees to promote good health by supporting the ability of each employee to continue working on good physical and mental health and reducing lifestyle-related disease and mental illness.
Action Targets (for Japan)
1. Take action to reduce lifestyle-related disease
  • a. Achieve a 100% implementation rate for regular medical exams
  • b. Achieve a 100% implementation rate for follow-up measures
    (consultations with an industrial physician, provision of health guidance, etc.)
    following medical exams for subject personnel
  • c. Take measures to reduce persons subject to specified health guidance
  • d. Reduce smoking rates and encourage the development of offices with no passive smoke
  • e. Conduct dental checkups for all employees to promote tooth and gum health
2. Take measures to reduce mental illness
  • a. Conduct mental health training for 100% of employees
  • b. Use a stress check program and conduct consultations
    with an industrial physician by 100% of employees with high stress levels
  • c. Use group analysis to make workplace improvements
  • d. Develop and inform personnel about consultation systems
    and create support systems for personnel returning to work from leave
3. Take measures to support a balance between treatment for illness and work
  • a. Take measures to develop programs and structures for accepting personnel who are recovering from illness

Health Promotion Structure

Under the health promotion structure, the YKK Group Health Promotion Committee, which is made up of personnel departments, industrial physicians, the YKK Health Insurance Society, other health related functions, and persons with responsibility for promoting health in individual businesses, formulates policies and plans and each business carries out those policies and plans.

YKK Group Health Promotion Structure

Recognized in the Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program (Initiatives in Japan)

YKK has been recognized as a company that is practicing particularly good health management under the Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program, which was drawn up by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and is run by the organization known as Nippon Kenko Kaigi (Japan Health Conference). We were recognized in the large enterprise category (Japan).

Recognized in the Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program