The foundation of the YKK Group's business activities is fairness.


Fundamental Approach

The YKK Group adopted the following Procurement Policy so that it can fulfill its social responsibilities throughout the supply chain.

YKK Group Procurement Policy

Ever since YKK's founding, we have based our business activities on the conviction, under the "Cycle of Goodness" YKK Philosophy, that an enterprise is an important member of society, that it must thereby coexist with other elements of society, and the value of its existence will be recognized by the benefits it shares with society. The belief behind this is that no one prospers without rendering benefit to others. We carry out business activities with the aim of bringing mutual prosperity, and our intent is that innovative ideas and inventions will result in business expansion for the YKK Group, which in turn would bring prosperity to customers and trading partners, and thus benefit all society. This is none other than our execution of corporate social responsibility.

Socially and Environmentally Conscious Procurement Activities

We undertake CSR procurement in the Fastening Business so that we can fulfill our social responsibilities throughout the entire supply chain. In all processes, from raw materials to finished products, we take measures to procure materials that do not contain hazardous substances and to procure goods that were produced through appropriate manufacturing processes and labor environments. We continuously administer CSR procurement questionnaires to determine the CSR conditions of suppliers and provide feedback on the evaluation results. We also make visits and conduct interviews to encourage suppliers to make improvements. These measures are being expanded to YKK Group overseas companies as well.
Additionally, in the AP business, we issued the YKK AP Green Procurement Guidelines and undertake green procurement that prioritizes the purchase of environmentally conscious materials from suppliers that give consideration to the environment.

Initiatives of the Fastening Business (This is YKK)

Initiatives of the AP (Architectural Products) Business

Request to Our Trading Partners

In carrying out our business activities around the world, the YKK Group is expected to undertake corporate social responsibility throughout its supply chain. Working hand-in-hand with our trading partners is essential to achieve this. For this reason, and so that we may promote mutual understanding with our trading partners, the YKK Group has specified the following requests. We ask for your understanding and assent, and we hope that you will join us in the fulfillment of our responsibilities to society. Please note that more specific matters related to our initiatives can be found in our Fundamental Trading Principles.

○Compliance with laws, regulations, and social norms as well as fair and ethical trading
"Fairness" is the foundation of YKK's business activities. We request that our trading partners also not only comply with laws and regulations in their business activities but also comply with social norms and implement fair and ethical trading.
○Due consideration to human rights and good working environments
To gain the trust of society, YKK strives to respect human rights in our business activities and works to prepare good working environments. We request that our trading partners also endeavor to prevent forced labor, child labor, the illegal employment of foreign nationals, and other such matters. Additionally, that they provide wages, working conditions and other conditions of employment as well as maintain health and safety standards that comply with the laws and regulations of the countries and regions of business. Furthermore, that they strive to create workplaces where employees can work without anxiety.
○Environmental care
The YKK Group proactively promotes the preservation of the global environment as well as environmental management. We request that our trading partners also proactively promote the preservation of the global environment as well as engage in delivery activities that are in accordance with our Green Procurement Policy.
○Assuring the quality and safety of products
Quality is central to the YKK Group's management, and all business activities revolve around the assurance of quality. We request that our trading partners also establish a quality assurance system for their products as well as ensure the quality and safety of products as required by the YKK Group.
○Ensuring information security
The YKK Group appropriately manages customer information, personal information, technological information, quality information, product information, service information, and other information resources. We request that our trading partners also build an appropriate information security system and manage their information resources appropriately.