Vol.2 Our focus on zipper quality (Integrated production 2)

Welcome to YKK
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    YKK employee: YKK makes zippers all over the world, not just in Japan. Student: How is the quality of zippers made in other countries? Aren't zippers made in Japan the best?
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    YKK employee: No, YKK products are the same quality all over the world. Student: You can do that? * YKK does business in about 70 countries and regions around the world
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    YKK employee: YKK can. We develop the machines and materials used to make zippers ourselves. By making zippers using YKK machines in factories all over the world, we can achieve the same quality. Student: You even make the machines that make the zippers! What kinds of machines do you use?
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    There are many kinds of zipper machines. First, let me talk about the steps in making a zipper. (1) Make the zipper parts (tape, elements, and slider) (2) Attach the elements to the tape
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    Next,(3) Put the slider on what was made in step 2 (4) Attach a stopper so the slider doesn't come off This completes the zipper.
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    YKK employee: Various YKK machines are used at each step in the process. Student: There's a lot more to zipper machines than I thought!