Vol.1 Our focus on zipper quality (Integrated production 1)

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    Student: How do zippers open and close? YKK employee: I'll start by explaining how zippers work.There are three major parts to a zipper.
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    (1) The elements, which mesh with each other (2) The slider, which is the part you operate with your hand (3) The tape made of cloth These are the three major parts.
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    The inside of the slider is a Y-shaped tunnel like this. The left and right elements go through the Y-shaped tunnel to join or separate. This is how a zipper works.
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    YKK employee: For a zipper to open and close smoothly, the shape and size of the slider and elements are important. Especially for the elements, even slight differences will make the zipper open in the middle, making it useless. Student: What do you mean?
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    YKK employee: Errors in the elements make it so that they don't join together, so even if you close the zipper, it will open in the middle like this. Student: Wow, you're right!
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    YKK employee: Zippers seem simple at first glance, but the elements need to be made to very exact measurements, down to 1/100th of a millimeter. Student: Zippers are very precise, aren't they?