The Goals of YKK Group

Tadahiro Yoshida Chairman & CEO YKK Corporation / Masayuki Sarumaru President YKK Corporation
Creating New Possibilities for Tomorrow through Technological Development and Innovation - Contributing to Society as a Creative Monozukuri* Company –
Continue challenging monozukuri -
YKK Group has always met its challenges through the use of the company philosophy, the "Cycle of Goodness" and the YKK Management Principle, "YKK Seeks Corporate Value of Higher Significance." Since our founding, the cornerstone of our current businesses has been formed by addressing one challenge after another. Even today, after developing our core fastening products and architectural products businesses in 71 nations and six regions all over the world, our stance remains the same.
Our business climate is facing an era of drastic changes on a global scale. However, I believe we must view these changes as opportunities and take on new challenges more boldly than ever before.
The Fastening Products Business Group is working to become more cost competitive, while responding swiftly to changing markets. The Architectural Products Business Group continues to create new value in the architectural products industry for single-family residences and high-rise buildings. We will meet diversified needs by stepping up our technological development and innovation, and we will always address the challenge of creating new value through monozukuri.
We will also continue to promote our corporate activities in all of our businesses, while taking a comprehensive approach to reducing our environmental impact and protecting and preserving nature and biodiversity. One of our basic management principles is contributing to the growth of a sustainable society. This principle represents our responsibility for the future.
Tadahiro Yoshida Tadahiro Yoshida
Chairman & CEO
YKK Corporation
*The art, science and craft of making things with a dedication to continuous improvement, as well as an emphasis on the thing that is being made and the act of making."
YKK Grows through Innovation - Three strengths: Building technological abilities to support product competitiveness and capabilities to propose solutions –
I believe we must always try new ideas and grow through those challenges. And one of our most essential challenges is to develop completely new technologies to meet a market that changes faster than ever.
In order to break into a new industry, we must not only enhance our technological capabilities that we have accumulated, but also accumulate new, original ideas one after another. I believe these efforts are key to improving our competitiveness.
Our product competitiveness and our ability to propose new solutions will increase as we build a foundation of distinctive technological capabilities. We need to look at the market from a more global perspective and establish new business models. We will offer products that can precisely meet varied, diversified customer needs.
To accomplish these initiatives, we will vigorously push forward under our common Core Values,* always keeping "execution" and "speed" foremost in mind.
Masayuki Sarumaru Masayuki Sarumaru
YKK Corporation
The Core Values
  • Do not fear failure; experience builds success./Create opportunities for employees.
  • Insist on quality in everything.
  • Build trust, transparency and respect.