YKK Episodes : Expanding around the World -Memorable Stories-

Episode 1
I'm Behind You

In 1963, the environment surrounding YKK was changing. Sales were slowing, and profits were decreasing... Then, one employee stands up to change this trend.

Episode 1: I'm Behind You

Episode 2

3 years after joining the company, B was chosen to be sent overseas for training. With 3 years of experience under her belt in Japan, she was sure she would do well overseas, too. However...

Episode 2: Determination

Episode 3
Following the Footsteps

C was stuck in a dilemma between the needs of a customer and the delivery time. An experienced staff learns of this and springs into action.

Episode 3: Following the Footsteps

Episode 4

What one YKK employee saw in front of him in 1985 was a vast wasteland. What lay beyond his days of trial and error...?

Episode 4: Resolution

Episode 5

In a new place, he had been getting ahead of himself. "What do I lack of…?"
Finally, he noticed it with struggling...

Episode 5:Smile

Episode 6

At this rate, a customer will have trouble…. We received an email from the customer regarding a veteran employee's proactive response to an inquiry.

Episode 6:Sincerity

Episode 7
Challenge(Part 1)

Zippers for jeans produced by YKK, which are used around the world. The history of the efforts of all staff of YKK for entering the market of jeans is being unveiled.

Episode 7:Challenge(Part 1)