YKK Episodes : Expanding around the World -Memorable Stories-

Episode 1
I'm Behind You

In 1963, the environment surrounding YKK was changing. Sales were slowing, and profits were decreasing... Then, one employee stands up to change this trend.

Episode 1: I'm Behind You

Episode 2

3 years after joining the company, B was chosen to be sent overseas for training. With 3 years of experience under her belt in Japan, she was sure she would do well overseas, too. However...

Episode 2: Determination

Episode 3
Following the Footsteps

C was stuck in a dilemma between the needs of a customer and the delivery time. An experienced staff learns of this and springs into action.

Episode 3: Following the Footsteps

Episode 4

What one YKK employee saw in front of him in 1985 was a vast wasteland. What lay beyond his days of trial and error...?

Episode 4: Resolution

Episode 5

In a new place, he had been getting ahead of himself. "What do I lack of…?"
Finally, he noticed it with struggling...

Episode 5:?????