Fire prevention shutter

Japanese laws and regulations mandate the implementation of fire and smoke prevention systems in buildings with three or more stories to stop the spread of fire and smoke to higher floors via stairways and escalators in a fire. One of these systems is a fire prevention shutter that uses fire-retardant cloth called a fire-resistant screen. However, conventional fire-resistant screens require poles in areas intersecting a corner, which generally impedes people from using the stairs and escalators. On the other hand, fireproof zippers for fire-resistant screens eliminate these obstructive poles to achieve a space with a more streamlined design. The tape of the fireproof zipper is made from 100% stainless steel thread able to endure temperatures over 1000℃ without burning or melting.

Fire-resistant screen dropping down
Fully closed screen blocking fire and smoke
Realizing a completely airtight space blocking fire and smoke thanks to the use of fireproof zippers