Earthquake-resistant Renovation Products

Japan is one of the nations with the highest number of earthquakes in the world.
Earthquake-resistant renovations of residences help protect you and your family as well as your daily life.
Buildings with many openings such as windows and doors had required walls constructed with smaller windows to endure the power of earthquakes. The sacrifice of comfort for safety is really unfortunate.
In response to this problem, YKK AP can improve seismic performance without changing the current windows by using the Frame Plus G2 external earthquake-resistant reinforcement frame. Customers can continue to live in the residence as they always have during installation because these frames are installed outside. This is a stress-free way to prepare for the “just in case.”

Frames are attached on the outside so residents can continue to live in the home during the installation.
Horizontal members (crossbeams) are secured to the building by resecting the top section of external walls.
Aluminum under-beams are secured through steel metal fittings at the bottom of the wall with anchor bolts using the existing foundation.