Garbage nets to guard against crows

Damage caused by animal foraging at garbage collection points, such as that by crows, hurts the aesthetic beauty of the city. It is also not very sanitary. This is a major problem in every region. Crow-guard Nets for Garbage Collection Points are the idea we found to address this problem.

These nets have a dark color that conceals garbage from sight while the fine mesh stops trash from being pulled out. Installation and removal of these nets is also simple. A large-size coil zipper (10CF) is used to provide flexibility as well as sufficient strength. The slider of the zipper is also large to make the net easy to open and close. This is one reason why our zippers are bought as part of urban beautification efforts.

Closed net at a garbage collection point
Two zippers open on a net at a garbage collection point
Picture of the actual coil zipper (10CF) A long zipper is used for nets at garbage collection points.