YKK is all around you

YKK® products can be found as far away as zippers
used in space and as nearby as the windows in your own home.
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In rockets heading into space

Because any air leaking from space suits (pressure suits) means trouble!

In windows of homes to prevent condensation during cold winters or hot summers!

In apparel to protect our bodies from the cold

In a variety of facilities to create comfortable spaces

And in tanks to haul milk

And when building safe and secure living spaces

YKK for nails!?

YKK restaurants!?

Even in automotive seats

Prepare for the “Just in Case” in Renovations!

When building spaces you love

YKK also plays a role in skyscrapers!

How is YKK related to coffee?

YKK also helps the environment!

Even used in fire-fighter uniforms!

Found in fire prevention systems of fashion buildings

And when building comfortable indoor spaces

Anyone can move around safely

YKK® products are used in diapers

And in guitars too?

YKK protects the city landscape!

Zippers protect the environment!?

Zippers are also used in bridges!

YKK also plays a role in raising fish

This page has introduced YKK® products used in a wide rage of areas,
Everyone is sure to have YKK® products somewhere around them.

And is also indispensable to diving