The YKK Group engages in business activities that respect human rights. Furthermore, on the basis of its personnel principle, YKK also promotes the creation of workplaces that are friendly to all employees.

YKK Group Human Rights Policy Statement

1. Equal Opportunity and the Prohibition of Discrimination
Based on the concept of "fairness," the YKK Group respects the human rights, individuality and personal character of its stakeholders in all countries and regions of operation. YKK does not condone discrimination, harassment or other acts that disregard human rights. YKK promotes fair business activities by prohibiting the violation of human rights and by taking appropriate action should an infringement occur.
2. Respect for Basic Labor Rights
The YKK Group respects basic labor rights in all countries and regions of operation, including freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
3. Respect for Employment Practices in Countries and Regions of Operation
The YKK Group respects the laws, regulations and employment practices of all countries and regions of operation. It also prohibits the use of child labor and forced labor.

Personnel System and Human Resources Development

Personnel Principle

With the personnel principle of "Independence and Coexistence" as the foundation, the YKK Group promotes the development of systems and the creation of environments that enable each and every employee to fully exhibit strengths in their entrusted role, in accordance with their individual abilities and drive, and regardless of their age, gender, educational background, or nationality.

Nurturing a Forest-like Organization Where Value Can Be Created Together

To ensure that each and every employee can work independently, the YKK Group carries out human resources development while also working to realize a truly fair personnel system.


Health and Safety

YKK Group Health and Safety Declaration

YKK Group Health and Safety Pledge

Enhancement of corporate quality is needed today so that we may respond appropriately in all of our business activities to the rapid changes occurring in social circumstances. The YKK Group will aim to eliminate causes of hazard and harm at all of its workplaces, and maintain and promote good psychological and physical health by creating working environments that are friendly to all employees. We proclaim that the YKK Group will forge ahead, with all participating, to realize workplaces that are suitable for today's age.

February 1994

Towards the Elimination of All Industrial Accidents

The YKK Group is implementing Group-wide initiatives to eliminate industrial accidents. To achieve the reduction of accidents down to "zero," regular safety inspections, risk analysis, process reviews and other efforts are being carried out at each YKK business facility, not only in Japan but also at those abroad.

In particular, the progression of safety measures in equipment, working environments and the like have reduced the likelihood in recent years that workers will witness occupational accidents close at hand. This makes it difficult for them to intuitively grasp what is dangerous or what kinds of situations can present a hazard. At the same time, there has also been an increase in accidents among seasoned employees. Factors include carelessness that arises from becoming accustomed to tasks or a decline in psychological or physical health.

Based on such circumstances, each business has adopted safety training that allows participants to experience simulated hazards. By enhancing employee sensitivity in such ways, we are nurturing their capability to respond in a suitable manner towards hazardous situations.

Hazard simulation training

Hazard simulation training