• Message174KB
  • I . YKK Group overview range of environmental report106KB
  • II . Environmental pledge and system211KB
  • III . Relationship of YKK Group business with the environment134KB
    • Helping to build a recycling-oriented society
  • IV . Environmental management system419KB
    • Acquisition and utilization of ISO 14001 certification
    • Group internal environmental inspection
    • Environmental accounting
  • V . Green purchase80KB
  • VI . Management of chemicals2,200KB
    • Management of chemicals
    • Energy conservation (prevention of global warming)
    • Reduction and recycling of waste (zero emission)
    • Ozone layer protection
    • Environmental conservation (prevention of pollution)
      • Prevention of air pollution
      • Prevention of water pollution
      • Underground water conservation
      • Soil conservation
    • Transportation measures
    • Reduction of packaging materials
  • VII . Development of environment-friendly products1,890KB
    • YKK Group's development of environment-friendly products
      • For LCA construction of building materials
      • Environmental product assessment
      • Environmental label
      • Identification display mark
      • Example of environment-friendly products developed by the Fastening Products division
      • Development of environment-friendly products for our Machinery and Engineering division
      • Development of environment friendly products for architectural products
      • Development of environment-friendly technologies for the Research and Development division
      • Development of environment-friendly technologies for building materials
  • VIII . Environmental education activities1,700KB
    • Raising environmental awareness
    • Coexistence with local community
    • Promoting environmental information
      • Participation in exhibitions/Eco Message 2002
  • IX . Environmental stress data for each site477KB
    • Major YKK group plants
    • Mini site report

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