Approach to Environmental Initiatives

Mid-term Environmental Management Principles

Based on the YKK Group Environmental Pledge, which sets YKK’s basic approach to environmental measures, the YKK Group has established, since FY2001, mid-term environmental management principles that are renewed once every four years. In the latest principles, which were renewed in FY2017, the YKK Group promotes environmental measures that will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

YKK Group Environmental Management Principles(FY 2017 to FY 2020) -Contributing to a Sustainable Society- Creating a low-carbon society through technology-oriented value creation The YKK Group is concerned about the environment and uses technology to create new value, and thereby helps to achieve a low-carbon society, enrich people's lives, and build a sustainable society.

YKK Group Tree Planting Day

The YKK Group leverages its global network to carry out the YKK Group Tree Planting Day in various locations around the world. The annual event is held on June 5th to coincide with World Environment Day.

  • Tree Planting Day in U.S.A.


  • Tree Planting Day in Brazil


  • Tree Planting Day in Germany


  • Tree Planting Day in China


  • Tree Planting Day in Indonesia


  • Tree Planting Day in Japan


"The Relationship Between the Groundwater of Kurobe and YKK"

As the YKK Group conducts its manufacturing business globally, it is also conducting conservation activities to protect vital freshwater resources. Kurobe City, Toyama Prefecture, where YKK Group's technological hub and main manufacturing and developing base is located, is blessed with water. This is the story of Kurobe's abundant water and YKK. We hope you enjoy it.