Diversity Initiatives Being Undertaken in Japan by the YKK Group are as follows

Creating Diverse Workplaces

The YKK Group designs fair systems that are receptive to diverse working styles regardless of age, gender, educational background, or nationality in order to enable all employees to fully exhibit their capabilities and develop their careers over the long-term.
In addition to extending the retirement age to 65, we emphasize human resource development and support for employees' self-sufficiency, and try to improve the environment so that they can be successful regardless of age.
Many employees have used the childcare leave system regardless of gender. There are also systems that can be utilized after returning to work following childcare leave. Employees with a child in third grade or younger can choose to work shorter hours, on flextime, or take leave to nurse sick children.
Our initiatives to support raising the next generation of children have been recognized by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), and we have acquired the right to use the MHLW's "next generation" certification logo (aka "Kurumin").


Towards the Achievement of YKK-like Diversity

The Objective of DiversityTo amass the diverse strengths of human resources and create new value

Activities undertaken with the aim of creating a corporate climate in which each and every employee can display their respective strengths and characteristics without any regard to such matters as their gender, nationality, or disability.

Practicing Inclusiveness

Practicing inclusiveness results in a friendly working environment, a corporate climate that is conducive to each employee playing an active role, and ultimately, to the development of a business or company.

In order to enable the utilization of diverse human resources regardless of gender, nationality, or disability, we are trying to change employee consciousness of diversity by carrying out awareness building activities and implementing measures that reflect the opinions of employees and take regional characteristics and other circumstances into consideration.

Creating a Comfortable Workplace for Everyone (YKK Rokko)

In FY2015, the ratio of YKK Group employees in Japan with disabilities reached 2.31%. YKK Rokko Corporation, a printing business, is a certified special subsidiary that promotes the employment of persons with disabilities. By providing a thoroughly barrier-free environment and carrying out other efforts to create a comfortable workplace for all employees, including persons with severe disabilities, YKK Rokko strives to expand the scope of duties performed by its disabled employees. It is also actively involved in exchanges with the regional community. For example, employees have visited and interviewed people at local facilities for the disabled and have written articles based on these visits, which they have shared on the Internet.