August 24, 2018 YKK's QuickFree® Zipper Wins Kids Design Award 2018

 YKK Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Hiroaki Otani; "YKK"). is pleased to announce that the QuickFree® zipper developed by YKK has been selected as a winner of Kids Design Award 2018*, hosted by the Kids Design Association.
 QuickFree® was released in 2017. With enhanced usability, it is easy for small children to manipulate. Being able to dress themselves helps small children feel a sense of achievement and encourages independence. The zipper also has a quick release function, and it is a result of the pursuit of safety and comfort. YKK will remain committed to the development and proposal of new fastening products like QuickFree®.

Award category:
Designs that contribute to the safety and comfort of children

Awarded product:

Outline of the awarded product:
QuickFree® is a zipper that is easy for even small children to zip or unzip. The enhanced usability also takes into consideration making it easier for an adult to dress a child. The slider shape has been changed so that the end of the slider into which a separable pin is inserted is wider. This not only boosts visibility but also allows for smooth, correct insertion. What's more, pulling the garment or zipper chain sideways with a certain load releases the slider from the zipper teeth with a click. This quick release function makes it possible to open the zipper without pulling the slider downward. This lowers* the load on a child's body if the child's clothes should get snagged, for example, on playground equipment. We believe that this was a point that was recognized for the award. (*Based on YKK's slider lock-strength test.)

QuickFree® use image

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*The Kids Design Award is a system that recognizes outstanding products, etc., that realize and help spread the Kids Design philosophy-namely, designs that contribute to the safety and comfort of children, designs that cultivate children's creativity and sensibility, and designs for comfortably raising children.

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