"Craft Lab by YKK" Participates in the Monomachi Festival, a Monozukuri Event in the Southern Part of Tokyo's Taito Ward
By YKK (Japan)

Updated: July 12, 2018

 "Craft Lab by YKK" is a community-minded YKK (Japan) event facility that aims to communicate the fun and fabulousness of monozukuri (manufacturing) through interaction with local residents at community events. "Craft Lab by YKK" venue was opened between May 25 and 27, 2018, at the Monomachi Festival*, a monozukuri event held in the southern part of Tokyo's Taito Ward. Held for the 10th time this year, the Monomachi Festival is a huge event that attracts more than 100,000 people each time. This year was the sixth time that "Craft Lab by YKK" participated, attracting a record-breaking 1,500 or so visitors of all ages, from small children to the elderly.

 During the Monomachi Festival period, a creation by Art Team ODEN* decorated the YKK80 Building façade. YKK fastening products were incorporated in the design, with zippers used to create the word "Monomachi" in the display.

 Different content filled each floor of "Craft Lab by YKK" venue including workshops, exhibits and product sales. Four different workshops that used zippers and buttons were held on the first floor. With the collaboration of Monomachi-Festival-member companies and shops, workshop participants had a chance to make different items. Pouches were made from the cloth brocade that is used by a local tatami shop to border tatami mats. Leather-wrapped accessory carabiner clips and pyramid-shaped leather pouches were made using leather from a shop specializing in small leatherware. And, pencases were made with the collaboration of a leather shop and leather skiving shop.

 Kids Park-a space for kids to have hands-on fun with creations using fastening products-was also set up within the venue and was packed with many children and their parents. A characteristic feature of this space was that it involved collaboration with a number of artists, including Art Team ODEN members, architects and hammock artists. Meanwhile, with the cooperation of a local tatami shop, an area was laid with tatami mats so that visitors could take their shoes off, sit down and take a break in an area filled with the scent of the rush grass used to make tatami mats.

 YKK would like to continue communicating the fun and fabulousness of monozukuri through "Craft Lab by YKK" activities, helping to contribute to the revitalization of the local community.

*The Monomachi Festival began in 2011 in the Kachikura area of southern Taito Ward, Tokyo. The four-square kilometer area, from Okachimachi to Asakusabashi via Kuramae, has a long history as a manufacturing and wholesale district. Visitors to the three-day festival have a chance to experience the magic of monozukuri and the charm of Kachikura as they stroll the area. Many monozukuri companies, shops, artisans, creators, eateries and others participate each year, and the festival is enjoyed by many visitors.

*Art Team ODEN is a group of four artists who came together in Tokyo, an area where artisans and youths converge. They are involved in new artistic activities that utilize drawing, plastic art, dyeing and Japanese Kimekomi doll-making techniques in their creations.

The appearance of YKK 80 building was decorated with the Monomachi Festival.

Children have enjoyed the workshops at the "Craft Lab by YKK".