YKK AP INDONESIA Develop Partnership "Bank Sampah" with Local Communities

Updated: May 25, 2018

 Waste banks - or "Bank Sampah" (Indonesian) - An initiative for Domestic Household Waste Trading System can be found in neighbourhoods across Indonesia. At waste banks, waste is divided into two categories - organic and non-organic. Organic waste gets turned into compost, while non-organic waste is divided further into plastic, paper, plus bottles and metal.

 YKK AP INDONESIA chooses different local communities to work with and set up a waste trading point run by volunteers, mostly housewives. They built tent and provide equipment like scales, chairs, tables, computer set, stationaries etc. Workshop trainings are then conducted. This waste trading is set once or twice monthly, normally on weekends. The collected waste is then deposited which are weighed and given a monetary value based on rates set. This generates extra income for families which can be used later on for household and education needs.

 This activity will be monitored once every 3 months and stops once these communities can manage their own "Bank Sampah" independently. The main goal is to raise environment awareness, changing one's behaviour and mind set. Ultimately we will be able to enjoy living in cleaner neighbourhoods.

Happy to participate in this meaningful program