April 10, 2018 YKK Wins the Fujisankei Group Prize of the 27th Annual Global Environment Awards
-For Passive Town Efforts to Build a Sustainable Society and Achieve Regional Revitalization

 Kurobe City, Toyama Prefecture, is the production and research center of YKK Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; "YKK"). The area is the hub of technology for the YKK Group. YKK's efforts in collaboration with the region toward building a sustainable community and housing in Kurobe, including Passive Town*1, were recognized in the 27th Annual Global Environment Awards*2. YKK won the Fujisankei Group Prize and took part in a commendation ceremony that was held on April 9.

(On left) Tadahiro Yoshida, Chairman & CEO, YKK Corporation and President, YKK Fudosan Co., Ltd.
(On right) Hisashi Hieda, Chairman, Fujisankei Communications Group

Bird's-eye view of Passive Town (1,598KB)

 At Passive Town, room environments are controlled through the high thermal insulation of windows and doors, and the thermal insulation of buildings are also enhanced. A passive design is adopted here, which includes making maximum use of regional characteristics, like the abundant subsoil water of the Kurobe River alluvial fan and the Ainokaze seasonal winds, as well as solar and other natural energy sources. Passive Town proposes community development and housing with reduced electrical power and fossil fuel consumption. Phase I through Phase III town blocks have already been completed, with 117 homes built. Six additional town blocks, with 250 homes, are scheduled to be developed by 2025. Furthermore, a daycare center and commercial facilities like cafes and restaurants that accommodate halal and vegetarian needs, are also being opened to support both working and childrearing in Passive Town. Community transport has also been set up in collaboration with Kurobe City, The University of Tokyo, and a public transportation operator for the convenience and comfort of people who become residents of Passive Town. The efforts being made in collaboration with the local community with the aim to coexist with nature through sustainable community and housing development were recognized and led to being awarded this prize.
 YKK will continue to be rooted in its regional community and contribute to building a sustainable society.

*1 Passive Town: A project being promoted by YKK Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo).
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*2 Annual Global Environment Awards: This award was created in 1992 with the special cooperation of the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) Japan. It is a system for honoring industry with the aim of promoting coexistence between industrial development and the global environment. YKK AP Inc. won the METI Minister Award of the 25th Annual Global Environment Awards for its development of the APW high-performance vinyl window series.