March 23, 2018 YKK Corporation Wins "New Diversity Management Selection 100" Award

 YKK Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Hiroaki Otani; "YKK") was recognized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry ("METI") with the "New Diversity Management Selection 100" Award for FY2017 at an award ceremony held on March 22.
 METI inaugurated the Diversity Management Selection 100 project in FY2012 with the objective of expanding the base on which enterprises engage in diversity management, recognizing enterprises committed to empowering diverse human resources and leading such efforts to successful value creation. Since FY2015, the project has been carried out as the New Diversity Management Selection 100 project, which sets priority themes in areas that are expected to expand going forward.
 Since 2013, YKK has made the promotion of diversity one of its important management strategies. It looks at not only differences in outward appearances, such as gender, nationality and the presence / non-presence of disabilities, but also at internal differences, such as values and experience, and aims to enhance YKK's organizational performance by making the most of each person's characteristics. YKK was selected because it is proactively engaged in such efforts, which include increasing the hiring of woman engineers, supporting the career development of woman employees, hiring non-Japanese technical talent, and improving the diversity environment.
 YKK will continue to focus efforts on the promotion of diversity as it works toward becoming the Shinrin Group* advocated by founder Tadao Yoshida.

* Shinrin means forest in Japanese. YKK founder Tadao Yoshida believed that an organization is like a forest filled with vitality. It can contribute to society if each of its trees, whether young or old and experienced, tall or short, leverages its uniqueness and grows autonomously. He named this vision of the company Shinrin Group-something that the company should aspire to become. This is precisely the concept of embracing diversity.