YKK and YKK AP Exhibit at EcoPro 2017-International Exhibition on the Environment and Energy, One of Japan's Largest Eco Exhibitions
By YKK(Japan)

Updated: January 17, 2018

YKK Corporation (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; "YKK") and YKK AP Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; "YKK AP") exhibited at the 19th EcoPro 2017, which was held December 7 (Thurs.) Through December 9 (Sat.) at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight).
We aimed to enhance recognition of the YKK brand and products by having those in government, business, and consumers get to know the YKK Group's green products and environmental protection initiatives. The YKK Group has been exhibiting at EcoPro every year since it was first held in 1999.

<About the YKK Group Booth> East Hall 1 Booth No. 1-022

Theme : "Let's use energy wisely," "Let's conserve resources," and "Let's preserve nature for the coming generation"

The booth was made to resemble a forest, and creatures made of recycled T-shirts by a group of artists called ODEN* introduced the "care" YKK takes during the manufacturing process of its zippers and windows, as well as "linkages." The booth was divided into four zones, each with sensory experiments, and a quiz section. Visitors to the booth could learn about the YKK Group's environmentally-conscious manufacturing operations while collecting "creature" cards and enjoying a game-like experience.

*Art Team ODEN: A group of artists who utilize dyeing, design and Japanese Kimekomi doll-making techniques (tucking edges of fabric into grooves) to give new life to used T-shirts and other items as works of pop art.
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<About the EcoPro 2017 - 19th International Exhibition on the Environment and Energy>

The objective of this exhibition is to communicate the building of a sustainable society to Japan, the world and the future as a leading exhibition in Asia on the environment and energy. Its two major themes are "Global warming countermeasures and environment-friendliness" and "Clean energy and smart society."