"Iro Iro Sagashi," a Hands-on Nature Event Held for Local Nursery School Children
By YKK(Japan)

Updated: January 15, 2018

An event to help children, who are our future, to understand the importance of the environment was held on November 9, 2017 at a garden in the second phase section of YKK's Passive Town development project in Kurobe. Entitled "Iro Iro Sagashi (Looking for different colors), nursery school children experienced the fun and immediacy of nature by coming into contact with plants. Particular focus was placed on the color of plants to allow children to discover the presence of many different colors in nature while also boosting their sensitivity toward the natural environment.
Passive Town is a residential area being developed by YKK as a green, low-energy-consuming town block development project in Kurobe City, Toyama Prefecture. About 100 varieties of flora have been planted in gardens around Passive Town and were utilized for the recent event.
Thirty-four nursery school-age children from the area took part, dividing leaves of different shapes and colors collected within Passive Town into five colors: red, yellow, dark brown, light brown and green. They then chose a leaf that they liked and made a crayon drawing while closely observing the leaf's color and other characteristics.
The children's drawings are on display at their nursery school as well as the Passive Town café as the "Autumn leaf notebook." We would like to continue creating opportunities for children to feel and interact with nature through activities that use their five senses.

Children collecting leaves of different colors

A child carefully observing a leaf as she makes a drawing

Children thoroughly engrossed in their drawings

Commemorative photo with finished drawings (children from Class 1)

Commemorative photo with finished drawings (children from Class 2)

The "autumn leaf notebook"