YKK ZIPPER (SHENZHEN) donates school supplies to a School in a Mountainous Region

Updated: July 25, 2017

At the recommendation of its labor union, YKK Zipper (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. donated new desks, chairs and gym clothes in December 2016 to a school in a mountainous region. More than 200 elementary and middle school students attend the school located about 500 kilometers from Shenzhen. Many of the students' parents work away from home as migrant workers.

Employees drove more than six hours to deliver gym clothes to the school, which were appreciated by the students. Also donated were desks with the words "Donated by YKK Zipper (Shenzhen) Labor Union Committee" written in red. A big welcome was received for improving the learning environment of the students. The "Cycle of Goodness" of the YKK philosophy was expanded through this CSR activity.

The students who welcomed a visit of YKK ZIPPER (SHENZHEN) CO.,Ltd.

The school supplies donated from YKK ZIPPER (SHENZHEN) CO.,Ltd.