September 6, 2016 KidZania Tokyo Limited Time Only Event-"Zipper Week" Sponsored by YKK Providing a Space for Children to Experience "Japanese Monozukuri Culture"

YKK Corporation (Head office: 1 Kanda Izumi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0024, Japan) is sponsoring a limited time only event around YKK zippers--"Zipper Week"--starting Oct. 14, 2016 (Fri.) at KidZania (Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo). KidZania is a facility geared toward children to gain vocational role-playing and social experiences, planned and operated by KCJ GROUP INC. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; President & CEO: Einosuke Sumitani).

In its third iteration, this year's "Zipper Week" is the seven days between Oct. 14 (Fri.) and 20 (Thu.), 2016. As with the previous iterations, it will provide an opportunity for children to deepen their understanding of zippers found in everyday products and realize the level of technology and quality that are involved. This will be accomplished through "Zipper Craftsperson," where children can make their own zipper pouch; "Zipper Park," where children can play with zipper-equipped "Zip-a-Hoops;" "Zipper Quiz Rally;" and more.

For more than 80 years since its founding in 1934, YKK has established public trust by providing the same high-quality products worldwide. Now, the YKK Group has expanded to over 114 companies operating in 71 countries and regions around the world.To this day, YKK has continued to communicate "Japanese monozukuri culture" to children in various forms and spaces. With zippers as a starting point, YKK is planning means of having fun while deepening interests in the wonders of world-renowned technology and quality of the Japanese monozukuri culture.

*"Slider"--the part of a zipper that allows it to fasten

<Sponsorship outline> Limited Time Only Event--YKK "Zipper Week" *For more information, please see [attachment].

- Event Period: Oct. 14 (Fri.) - 20 (Thu.), 2016

- Event program:

  1. 1) "Zipper Craftsperson"
    Children will experience hand making "sliders," and create their own "zipper pouch" using the "sliders" as a real zipper craftsperson.
  2. 2) "Zipper Park"
    Children can play freely by assembling, rolling in, etc. the "Zip-a-Hoop," toys, which are equipped with zippers.
  3. 3) "Zipper Quiz Rally"
    There will be zipper-related quiz at the site. Participants who answer all questions correctly can participate in a raffle to receive original YKK products.
  4. 4) "Zipper Art"
    Art created using "Zip-a-Hoop" toys, which are equipped with zippers, will be put on display.

A pouch made in the "Zipper Craftsperson" activity

*Originally started in Mexico, KidZania is a facility geared toward children to gain vocational role-playing and social experiences. In Japan, "KidZania Tokyo" was launched in 2006 and "KidZania Koshien" in 2009, and it has gained high popularity as an indoor facility where children can learn about society while having fun.
Official KidZania Tokyo Website :

[Details] <Program implementation outline> Limited Time Only Event--YKK "Zipper Week"

1) "Zipper Craftsperson"

Children will gain hands-on experience and learn about the structure of zippers as a "Zipper Craftsperson" at their zipper workshop. Along this, children will assemble "sliders," which are responsible for opening and closing zippers, and create a "zipper pouch" using the "sliders" they have assembled. Children can assemble unique sliders by freely selecting colored parts for the three components (body/pull-tab/cover) of "sliders." Some changes include the pouch shape being changed from the previous square shape to a triangular shape, and participants being able to choose from two strap colors, so that even repeat participants will be satisfied.

"Zipper Craftsperson" (picture from last year)

2) "Zipper Park"

This activity will involve "Zip-a-Hoops," approximately 80-cm-diameter urethane cushions combined with YKK zippers.
By connecting the zippers, it is possible to create tunnels and a variety of other shapes; children can fasten zippers to their imagination's content. In addition, the popular corner where children can experience rolling down a slope with the "Zip-a-Hoops" has been expanded from the previous year. Children can freely use and actively play with the "Zip-a-Hoops" they connect inside the park.

"Zipper Craftsperson" (picture from last year)

3) "Zipper Quiz Rally"

This is a quiz on little known facts of the oh-so familiar zipper. Participants who answer all questions correctly can participate in a raffle to receive original YKK novelty "neck straps," "Chackun*" pouches, and original desk pads.
*"Chackun" is a registered trademark of YKK Corporation.

4) "Zipper Art"

Art made by connecting over 50 "Zip-a-Hoops" (approximately 80 cm in diameter) will appear in the KidZania city.

"Zipper Art" made using "Zip-a-Hoops" (picture from last year)