An introduction to jobs in the fastening product business
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Sales and marketing jobs in the Fastening Products Group

Jobs in sales, marketing, and planning meet a wide variety of customer needs on the front lines of various business fields including not only apparel, but also bags, shoes, vehicles, and industrial materials. People in these jobs must accurately grasp market trends and consumer needs, work quickly to address them, right up until the moment the products are delivered into the hands of our customers. The Fastening Products Group, which develops business all over the world, offers plenty of opportunities for you to seek out and challenge new possibilities while stretching your boundaries as a person and as a professional.

Stages where sales and marketing personnel can play an active role in the Fastening Products Group

The Fastening Products Group is comprised of three companies in Japan and others overseas, each playing an essential part. You can gain exposure to even more places through our intra-group transfer system, allowing you to accumulate various knowledge and experience.

Occupational Category Job Description
Business planning
  • Strategy planning/formulation
  • Supporting policies
  • Project planning/promotion
  • Performance target management, analysis, and reporting of sales, production, earnings, etc.
  • Market trend analysis
  • Collection, analysis, and communication of customer information to business groups
  • New product development based on customer needs
Product planning
  • New product planning/proposal
  • Sales promotion (tools, campaign, etc.)
  • Trend information analysis
  • Information communication
  • New customer development
  • Demand development
  • Sales by proposal based on customer needs
  • Customer support, responding to delivery terms and responding to claims
  • Customer information management
Sales support
  • Information systems (System planning/development, development of infrastructure such as networks, etc.)
  • SCM (Optimization of inventory and logistics, consolidated procurement, etc.)
  • Order management, production management
  • Protection of intellectual property (brand protection activities, etc.)