An introduction to corporate jobs
Seeing business and organizations from various aspects, Achieving missions that support the YKK Group.

Corporate Jobs

It takes more than engineering sales/marketing jobs to keep a company operating. Successful operation requires corporate jobs for the people who keep operations moving like a well-oiled machine, helping gain more efficiency as well as greater activity. Accounting, personnel, purchasing, and so on help manage the organization from a corporate viewpoint, and build a company environment that enables employees to work at the peak of their capabilities. Part of the appeal of this type of job is the joy of supporting monozukuri in indirect yet active ways.

The stage for corporate work

Corporate jobs, held by professionals in a range of fields, help manage the YKK Group, the various YKK companies, and the YKK divisions. We hope people in these jobs will work to gain experience in YKK Group companies, their plants, and their businesses. The very breadth of the stages where these professionals work has an appeal all its own.

Occupational Category Job Description
Accounting and finance Account settlement, tax affairs, cost management, management of trade accounts receivable, cash management, internal control, business plan, financing, fund management, making financial plans, exchange control, etc.
Human resources development Recruitment, planning and operation of education, planning and operation of personnel systems, planning of wage and appraisal systems, labor relations, social insurance, benefit programs, health promotion, etc.
Purchase Procurement management of raw materials and secondary materials, purchasing system management, management and operation of investment in aluminum refining development, etc.
IT systems Planning, design, architecture of operational and information systems, management, maintenance, and operation of information system infrastructure (general-purpose equipment, servers, networks, etc.), etc.
Legal Internal legal consultation, screening of contracts, response to lawsuits, conflicts, and other issues, compliance and risk management, company legal affairs, etc.
Intellectual property Intellectual strategies, research on patent trends in the forefront of technological development, trademark management, patent and design application and research, trademark application and research, response to rights infringement, etc.
General administration Public relations, crisis management, external affairs, rule and regulations, organizational management, nonlife insurance management, Investor relations, management and operation of internal facilities, planning and operation of various meetings, conferences, events, etc.